What can replace false eyelash glue without false eyelash glue first aid

Release time:2022-11-14 15:16:43

Some girls' eyelashes are inherently less or less dense, and mascara or false eyelashes are needed to create thick eyelashes. However, sometimes we have no false eyelash glue when we stick false eyelashes. So what can replace false eyelash glue? Is there any first aid for fake eyelash glue?

First, double eyelid glue can replace false eyelash glue

If the false eyelash glue is just used up or not found when sticking false eyelashes, then you can use double eyelid glue instead. Double eyelid glue and false eyelash glue are fundamentally similar, so you can be a little relieved when using it. However, do not use the double eyelid glue directly as a false eyelash glue.

Second, the special false eyelash glue will not irritate the eyes.

If you use other common glue to apply false eyelashes, it will easily irritate the eyes and cause allergies. Therefore, it is best to use false eyelash glue to stick false eyelashes in non-emergency situations.
Third, you should do an allergy test before using false eyelash glue.
The eyes are very susceptible to allergies, so sensitive muscles should be tested for allergy before using false eyelash glue. It is best to stop using it immediately when it is found to be allergic to it.
Fourth, choosing the good quality false eyelashes made of safe eyelashes filament material.

Tai Hing's professional false eyelashes filament including PBT Brush Filament and biodegradable Brush Fiber. PBT eyelashes filament adopts innovative tapering process ,in which the filament is as light as feather . PBT Brush Bristle with higher straightness and uniform diameter looks natural and elongates your eye shape. The end part of filament is round , which highly closes to human eyelashes. With excellent characteristics of uniform diameter , hightemperature resistance, good resilience and durability, it is verysuitable for producing thick eyelashes.


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