Good Quality Brush Bristle for Toilet Brush

Release time:2022-11-07 11:36:18

Nowadays, many families will install toilets in the bathroom, but after the toilet has been used for a long time, there will be some dirty things. If you find it, you need to clean the toilet in time, so the toilet brush is very important. So which toilet brush is best? What are the usage methods and precautions for toilet brushes?

Which toilet brush is best?

1. The bristles varieties should be various

Cleaning toilets mainly rely on bristles, so when buying, pay attention to the density of the bristles to be moderate. Tai Hing's Brush Filament for toilet brush are Nylon Filament PA6, PA66 and Synthetic Bristle PET, PP and PE. These brush filament can be customized based of clients' requirement, such as diameter, color, shape and functions.

2. The quality and features of the bristles

When cleaning the toilet, the bristles need to be scrubbed vigorously, so pay attention to the toughness of the bristles, and do not choose products that will lose hair after one brush.

Tai Hing's Cleaning Brush Filament has better product features of wear resistance and impact resistance, which makes toilet brush has the durable service life. Besides, its moderate hardness and softness does not cause the damage on the toilet surface. The uniform diameter and good toughness makes your toilet brushes has strong cleaning ability and heat resistance. Tai Hing's filament are all certificated by RoSH, REACH and FDA etc.

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