Web Site Legal Statement Terms of Use


Thank you for visiting our web site. Before browsing our web site, please read the following terms of use carefully. The terms of use contain very important contents such as your rights and responsibilities as an user of this web site. Anyone who visits this web site, reads any content of this web site, registers in this web site, downloads any material form this web site or uses any information provided by this web site will be regarded as agreeing following terms.


I. Ownership of Copyright

Unless otherwise stated in this Statement, web site (hereinafter referred to as “This Site” or “Site”) reserves all the rights in connection with trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual properties of web site.
We own all the data produced by the operation of the Site, unless authorized by us in writing in advance, the contents you see or read in the Site are protected by the laws of copyright, unless otherwise provided or permitted in this Statement and/or Site.
We will not guarantee or state that the use of information form the Site will not infringe the right of any third party. Site may contain other announcements or copyright information of other ownership notices, user must strictly follow the terms. Provided that the use of information form Site by any user infringes others’ legal right and leads to legal dispute of our Site, we will claim compensation from the user after indemnifying the infringed party.
All information, documents, products, services, trademarks, logos, photographs and photos (collectively, "Material") are protected by copyright and trademark laws and are our network property. Any unauthorized use of the information contained in this Site will violate copyright law, trademark law or other regulations.
The contents and editors of this Site are protected by copyright law and other laws, any unauthorized use may constitute infringement to copyright, trademark or other legal right. If you do not accept or violate above-mentioned articles, your authorization to use this Site will be terminated automatically. At the same time, you must destroy all the content downloaded or printed from this Site immediately.


II. Use of Site

We will grant user limited permission to read above-mentioned Material for his own use in his own computer. User shall know that he can not use the Material provided by Site for other purpose without our written permission.

User has no right to modify, edit, change or add content in Site by any means, unless he has submitted written statement to us. If you violate any of the terms, we are entitled to terminate your use of Site without prior notice. In the case of violation constitutes infringement, we have the right to claim for compensation.


III. Information Publish

The information of Site is published in its original shape, the Site does not promise for its marketability, adaptability or legality in any way.

All contents provided on Site and the product introduction and configuration in the contents are subject to change without notice, please pay attention to them.


IV. Information Submitted by User

Except for the individual identifying information, other information such as materials, information and contact information (collectively, "Information") sent or mailed by user will be regarded as non-confidential and non-exclusive.

The content and service provided by the Site, including but not limited to the individual identifying information acquired by user, can only be used by individual and can not be sold or transferred. We reserve other rights that haven’t been authorized to user in this article.


V. Third-party Web Sites

The links to third-party web sites are provided solely as a convenience to users, these third-party web sites are not under our control and we are not responsible for them or their content.

You will need to take the possible responsibility and risk by yourself when you link into these third-party web sites.


VI. Disclaimers

The Site, its supplier and the above-mentioned third party will not be responsible for any damage, including but not limited to the damage result from lost profit, lost data or service interruption, no matter whether the damage is caused by the use or out of use of Site, the link to any web site or the content of above-mentioned web site, and no matter whether they have got the message in advance about the possible occurrence of damage from warranty, contract, infringement or other laws. Provided that the use of information form the Site leads to the maintenance, repairing or correction of equipment or data, you have to bear all the resulting cost.


VII. International User (Outside Mainland China)

We do not guarantee that all the information provided on the Site can be applied to other regions outside China, nor do we guarantee that you can read the information in the place where considers these information as illegal. User shall not violate the export laws and regulations of China when visiting the Site or exporting information.

If you visit the Site from foreign regions, you are entirely responsible for compliance with the applicable local laws of any country where you access the Site. These terms of use and conditions are governed by Chinese law and are not conflict with other laws and regulations.


VIII. Modification

We reserve the right to modify this terms of use when necessary without notification to user in advance. We will inform user on the Site in time when modification occurs. User may take the initiative to stop visiting this Site if he does not agree with the modification.

The continuing visit by user will be regarded as acceptance of modification.

We have the right to terminate, modify, suspend or stop any aspect of Site at any time, including availability of any feature of Site. We also can limit some features of Site, service of Site or content you read on the Site without prior notice and will not be liable for it. We can terminate above-mentioned authorization, right and permission, you shall destroy all the information immediately after the termination.


IX. All matters relating to this Statement and the use of Site will be governed by the laws of the People’s Republic of China.


X. In the event of any dispute arising out of this Statement or your use of Site, the parties shall resolve such dispute through negotiation. If no settlement can be reached, either party may submit such dispute to court.


XI. This Statement is written in Chinese and English. In the event of any discrepancy between the two versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


XII. We reserve the interpretation right of this Statement and the use of this Site.