Do you know what are the brush filament materials?

Release time:2022-11-23 12:10:43

It can be roughly divided into the following 5 categories:

1. Man-made fiber brush filament:

Nylon Brush Filament, PBT Brush Filament, PP Brush Filament, PET Brush Filament, PVC, among which Nylon Brush Filament is used in a large amount and has many types. Nylon can be divided into: PA6 Brush Filament, PA66 Brush Filament, PA610 Brush Filament, PA612 Brush Filament, PA46 Brush Filament, PA1010 Brush Filament, etc.;


2. Animal fiber wool: pig bristle, horse mane, horse tail hair, wool, etc.;

3.Plant fiber wool: sisal (white brown), mountain palm, etc.;

4. Metal wire: steel wire, flat steel wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire, etc.;

5. Abrasive wire: silicon abrasive wire, alumina abrasive wire, diamond abrasive wire;

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