Fan-shaped Filament | High absorption and release for paint brush

Release time:2021-04-12 11:22:27

Many times painters hope that the paint bristles can absorb the paint well, so that the paint can be released for a longer period of time when painting, and the work efficiency can be improved.



Fan-shaped filament have been tested to increase the amount of paint absorption. Looking at its cross-Section(X Section) the filament is designed to have four blades positioned like a fan.



The separation of the blades allows the paint to be evenly balanced on each filament when absorbed, also easier to clean as the paint is on the outer surface of the filaments.


This design ensures lightweight and softness, also lessens manufacturing costs. When combined with tapered tip design, its absorption ability quadruples and is honored to be the front of competition.


It is really recommended for painters and brush manufacturers to use. Feel free to contact Taihing for the latest product information and samples.