SAVE filament | Here are nylon brush filament to help you save costs!

Release time:2021-04-15 11:24:48

Major events have occurred frequently in the upstream industry recently. Nylon upstream raw material prices continue to rise and suppliers are still on tight supply.

The price of nylon raw materials is at a high level, and the purchasing pressure of multiple industries and terminal brands has increased.

Save cost

Tai hing launched SAVE filaments to industries and terminal brands. It helped customers in the industry save more than 60% of procurement costs, and his economy and practicality have been recognized by the majority of hair brush industry.

“Save” the excellent performance of nylon

The base material of SAVE is still nylon, which retain the excellent characteristics of nylon material with excellent heat resistance. It is suitable for hair brush with high temperature resistance requirement.

Currently, Tai hing have sufficient stock of nylon materials for SAVE filaments.

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