Toilet brush filament | Antibacterial brush filament protects the health of your family

Release time:2020-11-16 09:52:18

The toilet brush is used to clean the inside of the toilet. Usually, toilet brushes are used with toilet cleaners or bleach to clean thoroughly. And recommend to clean the toilet at least once a week.

After using the toilet brush, make sure that the brush is dry, put the toilet brush back in the container in the bathroom or storage room.

A typical toilet brush consists of a bristle end, usually with a round shape and a long handle. Nowadays, toilet brushes are usually made of plastic filament.

Tai Hing plastic filament is generally soft, flexible and not easy to cause damage. Good for cleaning the toilet to avoid scratches.

Tai Hing can also add antibacterial function to the brush filament, 99.999% antibacterial effect to protect the health of infants and young children and pets.

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