Tai Hing Biobased Plastic Filament



This is where plastic nose bars for face masks abound

While a face mask is becoming the centerpiece of the new normal, the demand of the global population is still not satisfied. But Tai Hing can help change that for the better. As the world is stuttering due to the dearth of face mask materials, we believe it’s critical to do our bit to make up for it. Our industrial capabilities are now streamlined to produce top-grade plastic nose clips, also known as bars or wire.
If you’re a mask manufacturer, we’re looking forward to serving you. Tai Hing can act as your supplier to fulfill any size of plastic nose bar orders. We can produce white pieces for N95s, KN95s, surgical, medical, and disposable masks as well as ones for kids. And you can always expect the best prices from us.

Certified mask raw materials and maximum comfort

Our nose clips are unique in how they blend adjustability features while remaining compliant with the industry’s high standards. By choosing our plastic wire and combining it with the best mask-making materials, like particle filtration fibers, your N95s or any other pieces will be:

  • safe to the wearer thanks to RoHS- and REACH-certified clips
  • more comfortable to use, as compared to face masks with metal nose bars
  • tightly secured to the top with no risk of being dislocated or bent out of shape
  • made to provide a snug fit without having to re-adjust bars
  • versatile to be easily worn by people with different nose shapes

To add to the safety of using our plastic clips, we vouch that they are free of halogen elements. We carry out many tests to back up these words with compelling evidence. If you want to take a closer glimpse, we don’t mind sending you an in-depth analysis report upon your request.

How can you order our nose bar mask materials?

After selecting the type of the face masks you need clips for, make sure you’re fine with the size and other specifications. If everything sits well with you, and our bars fit the design of your pieces, proceed to place an order. Hit the Contact Us page to send your request by filling in the on-site form. Or use any other method, like a phone call or an email, to get in touch.
Tai Hing guarantees that your order will be ready shortly. We recommend that you use our plastic wire with the best material for face masks to maximize filtration efficiency and comfort at the same time.