Do you know how to choose high-quality nail brush filaments?

Release time:2023-11-15 09:14:52

Recently, with the development of society, the style of nail manicure have also been constantly innovating. It has developed from the classic styles of pure color, stripe and cat's eye to the ancient style hand-painted nail manicure. High-quality nail brush can make beautiful nail manicure.


Nail brush have many various kinds of brushes, such as round head brush, small head brush, row brush, line drawing brush, carving brush etc. Different kinds of nail brush have different application. Let’s introduce the nail brush in detail.


Round head brush: round brush head, solid brush hair, used to outline simple flowers with oblong petals.


Small head brush: the tip of brush is thin and pointed, mainly used to outline the shape of stamens or petals.


Row brush: the brush head is flat, used to draw rose, peonies, and other flowers that can reflect the 3D effect.


Line drawing brush: little brush hair, thick and long brush bristles, used to draw line. Note that when you draw a straight line, the tip of brush should be basically perpendicular to the nail surface in order to draw the straight line.


Carving brush: diamond-shaped brush head.


There are two kinds of carving brushes, which are respectively used to make light therapy manicure and crystal manicure. The carving brush for making light therapy manicure has hard bristles, while the brush for crystal manicure has soft bristles.


Different nail brushes match different filament materials. All in all, high-quality brush bristles for nail brush have following features as below:


Straight Filament & Uniform Diameter

Filaments always maintain straight effect in the nail polish without filament bending, warping, and forking situations.


Better Bending Recovery Strength

Filaments with excellent bending recovery strength can rebound quickly after bending, which effectively reduce filament bending or warping situation. Filaments are not easy to deform after the long-term use.


Moderate Softness and Hardness

Filaments have good performance of tensile strength, soft toughing and moderate bending strength, which is beneficial for you to draw various patterns of flowers, birds, and inserts by nail brushes conveniently.


Stable Chemical Resistance

Good performance in acid and alkali working environment and color fixation.


Tai Hing’s professional filament for nail brush

Tai Hing focuses on developing and manufacturing high-end brush filaments for beauty industry. We can offer various kinds of filament products with different specification, filament hardness&softness, customized functions, meeting your multiple requirements.


Outstanding Characteristics of Nail Brush Filaments:


Moderate Hardness & Softness

Filaments have moderate hardness&softness, suitable for various nail brushes with different functions. Filaments for carving brush for phototherapy have good hardness and toughness characteristics. Filaments for carving brush for crystal manicure have softness characteristics.


Great Bending Recovery Strength

Nail polish brush filaments are made of high-quality and resilient raw material. Filaments quickly rebound to straight status after bending, which reduces marks on your manicure.


Complete Certification

Tai Hing’s nail polish brush filaments adopt unique tapering patent technology, which can effectively reduce consumption in production, greatly improve the production efficiency and protect environment.


Filament Straightness

Our filament straightness meets strict quality standard and have uniform filament diameter. Straight filaments paint your beautiful nail conveniently.


Strong Chemical Resistance

We adopt high-quality filament raw materials with excellent chemical resistance and choose imported color masterbatch. Choosing imported color masterbatch ensures shiny filament color and good color fixation.


Safe and Harmless

After certificated by authoritative institution, Tai Hing’s nail brush filaments have passed BIFI skin allergy test, delayed type hypersensitivity test, skin irritation, cytotoxicity test etc. Nail brush filaments are non-toxic, harmless, and non-irritating.

BIFI skin allergy test


Delayed type hypersensitivity test


Skin irritation


Cytotoxicity test


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