How long does antistatic nylon filament last?

Release time:2023-01-03 12:25:14

Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co.,Ltd, has been focusing on brush filament customization for 20 years, the source manufacturer, how long does the finished antistatic nylon filament last? It depends on the material of the nylon filament, because the antistatic nylon filament is divided into raw material implantation type and surface spraying type.


Raw material implanted antistatic nylon yarn is filled with antistatic agent powder and mixed before the raw material is melted, so that it is fully mixed and extruded. There are antistatic molecules from the inside to the outside. If the surface layer of antistatic molecules is destroyed, the internal A layer will be replenished, which can prevent the antistatic effect of the brush filament from decreasing after being placed for a long time.


The surface-sprayed antistatic nylon filament is short-lived, and a layer of antistatic oil is sprayed on the surface of the formed brush filament, which can only last for 2 to 3 months. Because with the passage of time, the antistatic agent on the surface of the brush filament will be worn away, destroying the continuous distribution of the surface, and the antistatic effect will be significantly reduced.


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