Placing the Orders in Advance, and Enjoying the Early Bird Discount

Release time:2022-06-23 09:59:16

Making the Purchasing Plan to Place Orders in Advance to Stock up

The current epidemic situation has improved and the global economy has generally recovering accordingly, in which Tai Hing`s foreign trade export orders have showed a good trend of continuous recovery. Tai Hing is capable of producing a large quantity of filament products to deal with the sufficient orders at present and maintaining higher production capacity to copy with a large quantity of orders in future. Tai Hing suggests that clients should make the purchasing plan to place orders in advance to stock up as soon as possible, avoiding the embarrass situation that is `there is out-stock in the market` and `goods aren`t in circulation`.


Tai Hing is A Specialist to Manufacture Professional Customized Filament Product

Originated in 1985, Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co.,Ltd.(Tai Hing) is now one of the most prestigious names in the market, specializes in providing various high-quality monofilament products, such as PA6, PA66, PA612, PP, PET, PBT ect. Tai Hing`s factory covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, with 23 modern monofilament production lines and the monthly production capacity exceeds 400 tons.Tai Hing is capable of producing a large quantity of high-quality filament products to ensure the delivery date efficiently and effectively. With excellent enterprise spirit of `be excellent, be progressive` and many years of domestic & foreign sales experience, Tai Hing offers the best shipping solution and trade efficiency solution for clients, being the most stable and reliable supplier for every client. Tai Hing has cooperated with many worldwide raw material suppliers over 37 years to ensure the stable upstream raw material supply.

As a reliable supplier to provide professional monofilament, Tai Hing always insist on the sustainable development target and provide the best service for clients to innovate more effective, more high-quality and more environmental filament products.


Tai Hing Has Powerful Strength to Satisfy Clients` Product Requirements

Tai Hing always focus on client`s customized requirements of products and continue to innovate. Tai Hing provides more than 4300 kinds of product portfolio and the product applications span 12 industries. Tai Hing has cooperated with many worldwide brush manufacturers in Japan, Korea, North America, the Middle East, South Africa, South Asia and more than 35 counties and regions, gaining higher reputation in the brush industry. Tai Hing innovates smoothness patented testing method and the filament tufting effect can be tested and controlled.

If you are interested in our product, please place orders right now to enjoy the early bird discount.Welcome to contact us by telephone number 0750-3777088 and scan code to add our wechat number to get more product detail.