Nylon 612 Filament | Fine Filament with good recovery for precision surface

Release time:2021-01-13 08:57:15

Do you know the performance of Nylon 612 filament?


Nylon 612 fine filament has excellent mechanical properties, impact resistance, low-temperature properties, as well as the most chemically stabile in all type of Nylon filaments. And it has excellent elastic memory, good recovery, stable heat resistance and long service life.


The minimum filament diameter can reach 0.050mm. It's not a difficult task, but Tai hing can do It. Fine Filament with good recovery for precision surface in intelligent device terminal.


PA612 nylon filament 62


Depending on the brush production machine, Tai hing provide roll-shaped and bobbin packaging to match your production.
And filament products also can be supplied in following: 75 filament/tip, 100 filament/tip, 110 filament/tip, See image below for reference.


After using Tai hing brush filament, the manufacturers of Taiwan and Japan precision surface finishing brushes are satisfied with the stability and performance of the diameter, helping their customers to finish the cleaning work more efficiently.



Precise specifications, flexibility and versatility will continue to drive Tai hing operations to meet the needs of consumer applications.


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