Nylon brush filament | Roller brush for cow body cleaning and massage

Release time:2020-12-18 10:42:45

The cow brush can be used to clean and massage the body of the cow, and it can also protect the health of the cow.


Studies have shown that the use of cow brushes for dairy cows increases milk production by approximately 1 kg per day and can significantly reduce the incidence of clinical mastitis.



The cow body brush is made of wear-resistant, soft nylon brush filaments, which can clean the cow body, tickle the cow, remove fallen skin cells, hair, parasites and dust, etc., so as to keep clean and healthy.


At the same time, it has a massage function and provides enough comfort for the cow.


Tai Hing Nylon Filament Products Co.,Ltd. offers a range of brush synthetic filament materials, including nylon 6 , nylon 66 , nylon 612, nylon 610, PBT, PET, PP and PEEK.



If you are requiring a different filament material, Tai Hing will do our best to fulfill your needs. Feel free to contract for synthetic filaments samples.