Interdental brush filaments | What is interdental brush?

Release time:2020-09-08 12:14:04

The interdental brush is used to clean the side and between the teeth.

  1. Interdental brush structure
    The interdental brush is held in place with a wire, shaped like the bristles on a mascara stick. A wire connects to a handle that looks like a toothbrush handle, but is usually shorter.
  2. Interdental brush size
    Brushes have different widths to accommodate the size of the gap, and some of these brushes are specifically designed for orthodontic braces.
  3. How to use Interdental brush
    To use an interdental brush, gently insert the brush between two teeth and then gently move the brush back and forth to remove food particles and bacteria that can cause plaque and tartar.
  4. Interdental brush filament
    Tai hing has rich experience in tooth cleaning brush manufacturing. Soft and resilient PA612 brush filamet is often used in the production of interdental brush.

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